We all know that jewelry is very close to women’s hearts. It makes them feel confident and adds charm to their personality. You always look for something new to style yourself beautifully and continue to explore new jewelry designs. Well, tanzanite earrings are one of the most coveted and trendy earrings that can take your look to an entirely new level. 

But why tanzanite? I mean, why not? After all, tanzanite belongs to the rarest category of gemstones and it attracts jewelry admirers to its mesmerizing beauty. The spellbinding blue color of tanzanite makes it an appealing gemstone in a way that every woman would love to add a piece of tanzanite jewelry to her jewelry collection. 


Whether you wear it every day or for a special occasion, tanzanite earrings are always a perfect choice to prettify yourself uniquely. 

There are many tanzanite earring options you can choose to match the grace of your outfit. 

Let’s explore some of the incredible tanzanite earring options that will surely turn heads for a second look. 

Tanzanite Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are one of the most simple and sophisticated earring styles that every woman loves to wear. The tanzanite stud earrings are a great pick for you if you love to beautify yourself with minimalist jewelry. These earrings will comfortably sit on your earlobe and draw attention to your face. You can pair these stunning earrings with any of your outfits to get a beautiful appearance that captures the eyes. 

Tanzanite Dangle Earrings

Tanzanite Dangle Earrings

Are you looking for a classy earring setting? If yes, then tanzanite dangle earrings will surely match your expectations. When you confidently walk wearing the tanzanite dangle earrings, the dangling part of the earrings will look very attractive and highlight your neckline. You can wear these stunning tanzanite earrings to any occasion to light up the event. The radiant blue color of the tanzanite will make the dangle earrings a timeless piece you can wear anywhere to make a statement. 

Tanzanite Hoop Earrings

Of all the unique earring styles, the hoop earring setting is probably the most coveted style among all women. And when tanzanite is artistically set in the hoop earrings, it makes a beautiful symmetric blue circle that is nothing but appealing. The best thing about tanzanite hoop earrings is that you can wear these magical earrings anywhere and match them with any outfit.

If you want to gift something special to your best friend, then tanzanite hoop earrings are the best gift for her. She will cherish you for this amazing piece of jewelry whenever she wears it.     

Tanzanite Halo Earrings

Tanzanite Halo Earrings

If you love vintage-styled earrings, then add a pair of tanzanite halo earrings to your collection. The combination of diamonds and tanzanite will not only make the earrings appealing but also give you a royal appearance. The indigo-blue of tanzanite will look brighter due to the incredible sparkle of surrounding diamonds. Also, the diamonds around the center stone will make the tanzanite appear big. You can beautify yourself with these vintage tanzanite halo earrings if you want to add character to your outfits.

The eye-catching appearance of tanzanite halo earrings will bring attention to your face and make you a topic of discussion for everyone wherever you go. You can choose any gemstone shape for your earrings as per your style preferences. But round-shaped is the most appealing shape for a halo earring setting that brings out the beauty of the earrings and makes them look exceptionally beautiful. 

Tanzanite Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings are just like stud earrings; they comfortably sit on your earlobe and highlight your face. In cluster earrings setting, gemstones are grouped together, making them the most appealing earrings of all. The attention-grabbing appeal of tanzanite cluster earrings makes them a perfect choice to light up any special event. An evening gown and a floral dress are the two outfits that will go perfectly well with the marvelous tanzanite cluster earrings and do the magic with your appearance. 

Pro Tip: Consider having diamond work around the group of tanzanite in your tanzanite cluster earrings. This will make your earrings much more appealing and elevate the sparkle of the tanzanite. 

Wrapping Up...

Rarity, uniqueness, and appealing color are some of the things that make the tanzanite worth adding to your jewel box. The captivating beauty of tanzanite studs earrings will get you a lot of compliments and make you a center of attraction wherever you go.

Which tanzanite earring is your choice, by the way? Let us know in the comments.